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Are you Baffled?, Bewildered or Flabbergasted when using a computer? We have the answer and give you control to use your technology efficiently.

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Computer Sales & Service

SoftSupport, Inc. is a leading technology training organization, specializing in computer sale, service and training solutions for your business. 


Because we sell and service computers, we can provide a total solution to your information and communication needs.  In our years of experience, we have learned that follow up  "Support"  is important when dealing with computers!  Our staff will be available to guide you through your software questions to get maximum results from your computer system, speed your learning curve, and increase your productivity. 


For business inquiries and estimating on database or a web site price, feel free to contact us as we are available and will respond as swiftly as possible.


Computer Training


Websites designed with quick loading animated gifs and sophisticated Flash movies.


Database Design

Access programmer for your database project. We speak plain English and work hard to understand exactly what you need..